Tetley Super Green Tea: Berry Burst – Pointless & Disgusting

Tetley Super Green Tea: Berry Burst - Review on If Teacups Could Talk...Brand: Tetley

Flavour: Super Green Tea: Berry Burst

Ingredients: Green tea (88%), natural flavouring, raspberry pieces (1%), strawberry pieces (1%), vitamin B complex

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £1-2

Cups Per Box: 20

Review: We won’t kid you: we didn’t expect this to be good.  Just look at the box.  And as soon as you brew it, all you can smell is kitchen disinfectant.  Appetising is not a word you can apply to it.

The taste isn’t quite as bad as anticipated – but it’s still not great.  It’s like green tea, with a VERY subtle (almost non-existent) berry taste…and then a vitamin aftertaste.  You know what we mean: when you swallow down a great big pill that doesn’t taste of much, at first, but then the residue from the coating of the pill lingers at the back of your mouth.  It’s disgusting.

We just don’t understand this one.  Why bother adding the vitamins?  Maybe for people who can’t stand swallowing pills?  But even if that’s you, and even if you really like green tea, we can’t see you drinking this.  Why?  Because of the packaging.  It’s anything but transparent.  The front of the box makes a big song and dance about the inclusion of B6, while the back of the box lists the full B complex in the ingredients.  It leaves us uncertain which vitamins are actually in this blend, so we can’t comment on the health benefits.

On that note, any health practitioner worth their money will tell you that cheap vitamins are about as effective as no vitamins at all – and this infusion is definitely cheap, at just £1.65 for 20 bags.  At that price, the quality of the green tea is questionable, too.  Overall, if you’re into nutrition, you’re probably better off with another brand of green tea…to wash down a separate, high-quality (admittedly more expensive) vitamin B complex capsule.

For all those reasons, we’re marking this one AVOID.

Best time of year to drink this: Never – it’s pointless

Best time of day to drink this: Never – it’s disgusting

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