Tesco’s Finest Peppermint Leaves – Natural Menthol in a Cup!

TescoPeppermintLeavesBrand: Tesco’s Finest

Flavour: Peppermint Leaves

Ingredients: Oregon Peppermint Leaves (100%)

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £2-3

Bags Per Box: 15

Review: If there’s any doubt about the impressively minimal ingredients list, just look at the bags!  They smell incredible, and when soaked in boiling water, they come out a vibrant leafy green.

Once brewed, there is an almost overpowering menthol smell, to the point where Three Tulsi has sometimes made it with the sole purpose of leaning over the cup and inhaling it in order to clear her sinuses, when congested (it works!) – so this is a great one for when you have a cold.  Peppermint also naturally aids digestion and soothes stomach upsets.  The vibrant flavour cleanses the palate and breath (great for when you can’t use a toothbrush for a while, but you want that after-lunch feeling out of your mouth).  Just be careful about how long you leave the bag in the cup.  Leave it in too long, and the flavour can be a bit intense.  Maybe you like that sort of thing, but if you’re looking for something a bit milder, take out the bag after a couple minutes.

Something else to bear in mind is that as these are pyramid bags, you can re-use them, so you can use those 15 bags in the box to make more like 30 cups of tea – which makes this a cost-effective option.

Best time of year to drink this: Any time – but it would be especially nice when it’s cold out, or when you’re feeling a bit poorly.

Best time of day to drink this: After meals (even after breakfast – the flavour is strong enough to wake you up without caffeine!).

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