Île Maurice Thé Arôme Vanille – WHY is this made!?

Île Maurice Thé Arôme Vanille - Reviewed at If Teacups Could Talk...Brand: Île Maurice

Flavour: Thé Arôme Vanille

Ingredients: Black tea, vanilla

Caffeine Factor: Caffeinated

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £11.75 for a box of 14 (although the picture shows a 25-bag box, which costs considerably more!)

Our Review: WHY does this cost so much!?  It’s not some fancy Chinese import tea.  It’s just a normal box of black tea imported from France.  You may as well buy PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea – it would certainly taste and smell better.

Shockingly, this one contains real vanilla.  We say ‘shockingly’ because this is one of the most artificial-smelling blends we’ve tried – and the taste is essentially black tea with a very faint hint of artificial vanilla flavouring.

There is no point to this blend.  Who in their right mind buys and keeps it on the market?  A quick online search will show that other tea-lovers agree.  We would never have tried it ourselves if it hadn’t mysteriously found its way into the cupboard at our office and therefore been free to taste.  No doubt some unsuspecting  tea-drinker bought a box and thought to pawn it off on colleagues because they couldn’t bear another sip themselves.


Best time of year to drink this: Never, no point

Best time of day to drink this: Never, no point

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