Clipper Jasmine Decaf – Green Tea…without the Flavour or Health Benefits

clipper-jasmine-greenBrand: Clipper

Flavour: Jasmine Decaf

Ingredients: Decaffeinated Green Tea, Natural Flavouring (6%)

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: None

Price Range: £1.79

Bags Per Box: 20

Review: In the cup, this one looks a bit cloudy – never a good start.  The smell is quite disgusting and somehow artificial – no doubt from the ‘natural’ flavouring that makes up 6% of the composition.  We don’t understand this; if you’re going to make jasmine green tea, why not use real jasmine petals?  Three Tulsi’s husband also suggested this tea smelled ‘a bit of old church candles’.  He didn’t mean that in a good way.

The taste is as vile as the smell.  You’re left with a tacky feeling in your mouth and an overwhelming need for cold water to wash it down.  The flavour is bitter in that green tea way, but not as nice as the real thing – and there’s no jasmine.  The tea is also strangely lacking in any after-taste, which leaves you wondering what you just drank.  Furthermore, decaffeinating the green tea must kill off the natural antioxidants, so we can’t even understand drinking this for health benefits.  As Ginger Tea put it, ‘I have nothing good to say about this tea.’

Best time of year to drink this: Never.

Best time of day to drink this: The  decaffeinated nature of this tea suggests it can be drunk any time of day…but we don’t recommend it.

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