Dalgety Caribbean Cerassie / Corilla – Extreme Bitterness with Zero Flavour

cerassie_tea_bags_15Brand: Dalgety

Flavour: Cerassie / Corilla

Ingredients: Cerassie / Corilla Leaves

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £1.55

Bags Per Box: 20

Our Review: This one was a bit of an adventure!  Cerassie (or corilla) is the ‘one and only Jamaican bush tea, feared by everyone because of its degree of bitterness’ (  Apparently, the tea is not usually as bitter as the fresh leaves.  That said, the tea is normally made from the vine, whereas this particular brand chooses to make it straight from the leaves.  These leaves are reputed to help cleanse the blood, cure dysentery, treat diabetes, worms and hypertension, and help relieve constipation, fevers, colds and even jaundice in children.  Supposedly, it also removes rashes and spots, and can be used as a purgative, stimulant or aphrodisiac.


20150919_223854It is suggested that, hot or cold, you may drink it straight, or add milk and/or honey.  If milk is added, the tea carries 2 calories.  We first tried it straight.  The smell is pungent, like mild marijuana.  It doesn’t smell like it’s good for you; it smells like it just shouldn’t exist.  It certainly doesn’t make you want to drink it.  Ginger Tea asked, ‘Why are we doing this?’ before plunging in for her first sip.

There is almost no flavour, just a throat-burning bitterness.  If you for want to drink this for the health benefits, we suggest trying Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox tea first, and then this will suddenly taste good.  In fact, it is so bitter, it explodes in the back of your throat.  It then leaves you feeling like you’ve just had something highly acidic.  Your throat feels very open.  It gets worse the more you drink it.

20150919_225057We tried sweetening it with honey, as recommended, but this only made it worse by bringing out the bitterness.  As Ginger Tea put it, it’s like piff on the inside of a fingernail, accidentally eaten.  We then added milk, which made it look like dishwater.  Ginger Tea suggested it made it a little better, as it thickened it – but Three Tulsi struggled not to be sick on the second sip.











Furthermore, once you add in these ingredients, you’re ruining the health benefits of the tea.  It also leaves you burping uncontrollably.

At the end, Ginger Tea exclaimed, ‘Well, that definitely did something…but nothing good!’

Best time of year to drink this: Never.

Best time of day to drink this: Never.

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