Surviving Pregnancy with Tea

Three Tulsi’s Tea Journey Through Pregnancy – and Beyond

Nine months ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy – our second.  He was so fragile and helpless, so tiny and vulnerable.  Now, as I write this, he’s crawling around the living room floor, trying to knock absolutely everything over and stuff it in his aching toothless mouth.

It’s been quite the journey getting to this point – and part of that journey was ‘tea’.  When I became pregnant, I discovered a whole world of tea, herbal and fruit infusions was now off limits.  For instance, I tried drinking a fennel blend to deal with terrible bloating pains in the first trimester.  It worked – but I wound up in hospital that evening for bleeding.  It thankfully turned out to be a false alarm.  However, I learned that fennel is in the parsley family and, as such, has a centuries-old history of being used as a natural abortive.  It’s entirely possible that the fennel was not responsible for my bleeding, but it left me paranoid and I wound up avoiding both parsley and fennel for the duration of my pregnancy.

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Our Favourite Yogi Tea Affirmations

Anyone who drinks as much Yogi Tea as we do will know each bag comes with an inspirational affirmation on the tag.  We’ve been collecting them for a few years, now (you know you’ve considered doing it, too!) and put together a list of our favourites:

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19 (Hopefully) Delicious Teas to Sample and Review!

Tea Order - December 2014


In preparation for our new blog, we ordered 19 boxes of tea in a sale at the Eco Green Store!  19 delectable flavours to sample – expect reviews over the coming weeks!  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss anything.

Mostly Pukka brand, for now, with two Yogi Teas.  Next order will be other brands.  If you have any requests, be sure to leave a comment below.  We love to hear from fellow tea-drinkers!