Charbrew Strawberry & Kiwi – A Great Summer Treat

Charbrew Strawberry & Kiwi - Reviewed at If Teacups Could Talk...Brand: Charbrew

Flavour: Strawberry & Kiwi

Ingredients: Apple, rosehip shells, hibiscus, strawberry flavouring (2%), kiwi flavouring (1.5%), strawberry pieces (1%), kiwi pieces (1%) (all in varying quantities)

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £3.49

Cups Per Box: 15  (can be rebrewed)

Review: The smell, as you might expect, is like sweeties – Haribo or Jolly Ranchers.  The taste, however, is not.  It’s tart (from the hibiscus), but subtle, not overpowering like some fruit tisanes.  If you leave it to brew longer, the flavour of the kiwi starts to come out; and despite the ‘flavouring’, it doesn’t taste artificial, maybe because there are real fruit pieces mixed in there.

We think this is a great ‘pudding’ tea to have after meals instead of calorific treats.  We also expect this would be a good one to let go cold in the summer.  All in all, a fabulous blend we will be buying more of in future.

Best time of year to drink this: Summer

Best time of day to drink this: Afternoons

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