Charbrew Chocolate Orange – Definitely Not as Good as Terry’s!

Charbrew Chocolate Orange - Reviewed on If Teacups Could Talk...Brand: Charbrew

Flavour: Chocolate Orange

Ingredients: Rooibos, organic cocoa husk, orange peel, flavouring (orange), flavouring (chocolate)

Caffeine Factor: Caffeine-free

Organic Ingredients: 100%

Price Range: £3.49

Cups Per Box: 15 (can be rebrewed)

Review: Perhaps predictably, considering one of the ingredients is ‘flavouring’, this blend has a strongly artificial smell, once brewed – like fake vanilla.

The taste is similarly unpleasant.  The chocolate is very weak, while the artificial chemical flavour lingers in your mouth long after you’ve drunk this.  Then the rooibos comes through, which you’ll either love or you’ll hate.

This is definitely not a good substitute for afternoon chocolate cravings.  If anything, it makes you want to eat more, to get the taste out of your mouth.  We’re marking this one AVOID.

Best time of year to drink this: Never

Best time of day to drink this: Never

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